カネオヘ ベー サンドバー(砂洲)ハワイ クルーズ 

Captain Bobs is your ticket to Paradise on the ocean. The 4 hour tour will take you to two locations on our spacious latest twin hull catamaran.  Play water volleyball, swim safely with our flotation devices and snorkel using our professional grade equipment.  

Exotic Holiday

Surrender yourself to the vast sandbar in Kaneohe also known as Ahu O Laka, named after Chief Laka that ruled the windward side of the islands (Kaneohe).  We carry the only permit for a secluded area of the sandbar so you may enjoy a more relaxing day


Join our safety conscious crew for a relaxing, safe and fun day on Kaneohe bay.  Captain Bobs sails daily except Sunday.  Our friendliest captain and crew are well known for their personalized attention to each and every guest. Come aboard, see for yourself!

天使の海 ピクニックで行われるマリンスポーツのビデオをご覧下さい。




大人:117ドル、お子様:108ドル(3才ー11才) 8:15am-10:30am




Our Private Location

Kāneʻohe Bay is a well kept secret located on the north east part of Oahu.  The bay is engulfed by the majestic Ko’olau mountain range and protected by one of two largest barrier reefs in Hawaii.  This protections allows the bay to remain calm year round and the fish to be in abundance within the coral reefs. 



With over 30 years experience, Captain Bobs specializes in ocean activities and is known for its private sandbar location.  Don't like to swim along big crowds, the #1 picnic sail provider, Captain Bobs comes to your rescue. Relax in comfort at our private sanctuary where our safety conscious captain and crew will personally make sure you have a wonderful day out on Kaneohe Bay.  Snorkeling and water safety instructions are provided as we keep safety in mind at all times.  For your convenience, Captain Bobs operates daily except Sunday and Federal holidays.